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It’s better
to gather.

Creating a more impactful, connected network of care providers by streamlining operations in a personalized community hub, purpose-built around
resources and people.

Put thousands of high-quality, categorized resources at your members’ fingertips, literally, with a mobile app tailored to your community.

Gather your own way.

Personalize your app to embody your community’s unique character by adding your logo, brand color, font, and illustrations.
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Manage your content

Empower your support team to manage app content directly in your app or via an online admin dashboard.

Analytics & reporting

Understand how your members interact with your content and team via realtime dashboard and monthly reports.

The stress-free way to gather your community.

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Our commitment

We aspire to provide a service that those we impact feeling Cared For, more Connected, and Comforted.

Values we live by

•  Live generously
•  People over proccess
•  Radical hospitality
•  Trust generously
•  Presume good intent
•  Compassionate directness
•  Enjoy the journey and have fun!

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